Stick or Twist?, transcript available


Sticky situations. Not usually something high on the wish list and not usually something you want to find yourself in, with just one exception that is. When it comes to MTB shoes, a sticky situation is precisely what you’re after, it’s what you dream of, it’s the goal, the very aim of the game. A non-sticky situation is at best a pedal slip, at worst it’s painfully gouging a chunk of flesh out of your calf or losing a race. Not good, not what you wanted at all.

Step forward, pun intended, the all-new Endura MTB Footwear Collection. Crammed to the gills with technology and innovation to make your pedal stroke smoother, stiffer and more comfortable, with better power transfer and crucially a super durable sole made of glue... Okay, it’s not made of glue, but it’s as sticky as hell… which is precisely why we named it StickyFoot™.

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MT500 Freezing Point for Deep Winter Riding, transcript available

MT500 Freezing Point for Deep Winter Riding

Reset the thermostat with the updated and expanded MT500 Freezing Point range and make even the coldest winter day a riding day. Our obsessive attention to detail is on show with the latest additions to our legendary MT500 range with right fabrics used in the right places and outstanding levels of insulation provided by innovative use of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Active. We’ve listened to feedback from riders to make a number of improvements to create the ultimate cold weather riding kit.

Primaloft Gold Insulation Active boasts class leading warmth to weight ratio, tiny pack size, water-repellency, four-way stretch and superb breathability, making it the ultimate insulation for on-bike-wear.

MT500 Freezing Point’s jackets, gilets, trousers and gloves equip mountain bikers and adventure seekers for deep winter riding.

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High-Viz Road

Why is hi-viz actually the coolest gear on the planet? Well, that’s because you look at your very best when you’re seen, avoided and still very much alive after rubbing shoulders with motorists who just can’t see you in that all-black number when the light is fading, or visibility is poor. And because we know some hi-viz can make you look like you should be riding a jackhammer not a bike, we’ve even made some that looks pretty decent too (though we say so ourselves). You’re welcome.

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Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket - being too hot or too cold ends here., transcript available

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket - being too hot or too cold ends here.

Have you ever faced, blurry eyed, into the depths of your wardrobe at stupid AM wondering what the hell to wear on that cold, wet, drying fast, maybe getting warmer later, cloudy, chance of sun type day in the knowledge that whatever you end up picking will either be too hot or too cold, or both, depending whereabouts in the ride you are or how many punctures in a row your mate gets?

Anyway, remove all this unnecessary stress from your daily decision making and just put on the Pro SL 3-Season jacket incorporating a detachable PrimaLoft™ inner gilet – warm enough for all the starts, stops and re-starts and cool enough, thanks to the Gods Of Serious Venting, to regulate your body temperature for the entirety of your ride.

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Expanded GV500 Collection For Year Round Gravel Bike Adventures

The need for escape and adventure has never been more widespread than in this year of lockdown, and the gravel bike category has really benefitted most from this. Autumn/ Winter ‘21 sees our small but perfectly formed gravel collection expand to cover the colder and wetter months of the year which don’t stop gravel riders getting out of the comfort and safety of the house.

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Hummvee Alpine Stolen Hour, transcript available

Hummvee Alpine Stolen Hour

Sometimes a ‘stolen’ ride is the best ride. The no-time-to-change, ride-in-what-you’re-wearing kind of ride. Endura’s expanded Hummvee collection is filled with casual but technical garments that outperform street fashion, leaving you ready to ride at a moment’s notice. Respect is earned. Trust is forged. Reputation is hard won. The iconic Hummvee Short still sits at the heart of the range. This versatile baggy short has been the last word in durability for nearly two decades since Endura sat down with a group of straight-talking London cycle couriers, way before it was cool or in the mainstream conscious, and designed what they needed in a short. They loved them, and so did mountain bikers; a legend was born. Because icons can be rugged as well as beautiful.

MT500 Smok’n Prints, transcript available

MT500 Smok’n Prints

The Atherton siblings front this unashamed full-on fashion extravaganza. Psychedelic prints and pants on fire… strap in for the ride.

Embrace the new riding season with bold psychedelic prints and a kaleidoscope of colour. A trance sequence of head to toe outfitting for him and her. With a reputation for dialled style on and off the tracks, the Athertons will showcase this unashamed fashion campaign. Inject flare and energy back into MTB with MT500 Smok'n Prints.



Protection It’s In Our DNA ….. trusted, no-nonsense kit. Find out why two of the most radical and provocative riders of the moment are choosing Endura for their Helmets and Protection.

Ride harder, longer - with Ergonomistry, transcript available


Endura and Phil Burt collaborative Ergonomistry Project launches with Taboo-busting NEW Women’s Pro SL EGM Bibshort. The Ergonomistry philosophy is very simple: Ergonomic innovation and comfort engineering, backed by both medical science and rigorous rider testing… Love at first fit guaranteed.

PHIL BURT The Ergonomistry Project
Endura GV500 - Off'n'On, transcript available

GV500 - OFF'N'ON

All GV500 products are carefully crafted to work as a system, providing ample storage for epic day-long to multi-day adventures whilst retaining a bulk-free, streamlined fit. We focus on packability, simplicity as well as our trademark durability … long-lasting essentials to accompany you on your adventures.

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Built on Baggies Episode II, transcript available


A year on and we are all still in need of some light relief, and our latest episode of mock-u-mercial mini-film again celebrates the noble Baggy Short featuring a rack of recognizable faces, just from a slightly alternative universe... The BoB Crew (as no-one else calls them) of Rachel Atherton, Joe Barnes, Aneela and Andy from GoWhere Scotland and Harald Philipp are joined by none other than Kriss Kyle and Gee Atherton this time around for more shorts and more bagginess than ever before. Endura – The last word in riding baggy shorts.

Million Trees Towards CO₂ Negative, transcript available


Endura has just planted 1.3 Million Trees. When we launched our One Million Trees Initiative at the start of 2020, we committed to planting one million trees annually for the next ten years to ultimately eliminate Endura’s carbon footprint. 



Endura have just planted 1 Million Trees and will be CO2 Negative by 2024. Find out more about our sustainability stories.