Call for Papers

Topic 1: Communication Engineering
Data communications
Information networks
Information indexing & retrieval
Hybrid information technology
Vehicular communications
Information Management Systems and Services
Information Theory and Coding Theory
Communication Protocols and Standards
Mobile Technology
Information Technology & Globalization
Geographical Information Systems
Optical Fiber Communication
Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
Communication and Networking
Information Theory, System, and Technology
Spread Spectrum Communications
Broadband Communication Systems
Wireless Communication
Optimization of Communication Systems

Topic 2: Electronic science and technology
Information display science and technology
Information optoelectronics science and technology
lsi development system
Optical fiber communication
Applied electronic technology
New electronic devices and systems

Topic 3:Automation
Mechatronics technology
Electrical automation technology
Production process automation technology
Power system automation technology
Computer control technology
Industrial network technology
Detection technology and application
Physical and chemical testing and quality control technology
Hydraulic and pneumatic technology

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Submission Deadline:
April 30, 2020

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